Challenges ahead for tt line

Challenges ahead for tt line

One of the challenges to the new line of trains is the need to get the number of drivers to a certain percentage – the tt line already has 12 tt drivers, which should take care of themselves over the next two years, says Mr Sood, the director of engineering.

Mr Nizam, on the other hand, does not think the tt line is going to have a “high demand” any time soon, as the technology will not be ajarvees.comble to handle all traffic volumes within 20 years.

Tt has been a바카라ble to cope with just 4% of traffic in Delhi during the last five year바카라s, says Mr Nizam. “A 10% growth rate is not a problem…If the demand comes in at 5%, they can increase the number of drivers on any given day,” he adds.

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